The Foundation of Devotion

“Long have I known from your testimonies
that you have founded them forever.” Psalm 119.152

This verse brings another stanza of this epic poem to a close. This section has been one of pure, unbridled devotion. It’s been an urgent prayer of devotion to God and to his Word. And, what is the basis of that devotion? It is the knowledge of God’s Word.

He knows—he has long known—that God’s word is true and sure. How does he know that? He knows it because of the inerrant testimonies of God. He believes it because God has revealed it to him in Scripture.

Friend, our devotion cannot be based primarily on our experience, nor our perception of our experience. Our devotion must be based on the inerrant revelation from God of himself. His Word is true. Scripture must shape our understanding of our circumstances. Our circumstances must not shape our understanding of Scripture. Sola Scriptura!

Do you know the testimonies of God? How often do you meditate on the eternal nature of God’s Word and what it reveals about him? How has your understanding of God’s Word strengthened your faith in him and driven your devotion to his desire for your life?

Father, anchor our faith in your truth. Your Word is eternal and unchanging. We praise you for the grace of revealing yourself to us. Give us understanding, O Lord, that we might worship you in spirit and in truth. Amen.

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