The Heart of Purity

“With my whole heart I seek you;
let me not wander from your commandments!” Psalm 119.10

Mankind knows no greater quest than the search for God, the passionate pursuit of the Almighty. In this verse, the psalmist declares his whole-hearted pursuit of God. He has already expressed his desire to be steadfast in obedience, to fix his eyes on God’s commands, and to learn the righteous rules of God. Now, he reveals his deep longing to commune with God.

The psalmist then follows his declaration of devotion to seeking God with yet another expression of his dependence on the Lord. He needs God to keep him on the right path. Spurgeon summarizes the poet’s desire this way:

“The man of God exerts himself, but does not trust himself: his heart is in his walking with God; but he knows that even his whole strength is not enough to keep him right unless his King is his keeper; hence the prayer, O let me not wonder.” [sic]

The Psalmist lays out an example that we must follow. We should pursue the Lord with all that we are—heart, soul, mind, and strength. And we should recognize our need for Christ to establish our steps and guard our path.

Are you devoted—with all of your heart—to the pursuit of the Holy One? Do you recognize your dependence on God to guard your path and guide you to himself? O that our hearts would be marked by devotion and dependence!

Heavenly Father, we are lost without you, stumbling aimlessly along life’s dangerous path. Keep us, O Lord! Give us hearts that seek earnestly after you. Guard our walks; keep us from stumbling—for the praise of your name.

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