The Path to Purity

“How can a young man keep his way pure?
By guarding it according to your word.” Psalm 119.9

Youth brings many blessings—energy, vitality, passion, strength. It also brings many dangers—impatience, foolishness, irresponsibility, recklessness. Young people face dangers from outside, as well as dangers of their own making. Sadly, the world offers little to no help. Schools teach a multitude of facts and figures but banish even the mention of biblical truth.

This verse highlights the value of God’s Word for young people, and by extension for all people. The young man can keep his way (his manner of life) pure, clean, and holy. The means for accomplishing that is by keeping it according to the Word of God. He must align his life with all that God has spoken. If God’s Word has this affect in the life of a temperamental, foolish youth, it promises the same in the life of everyone who guards their way with Scripture.

It is in Scripture that we find true wisdom, God’s holy standard for conduct, and the gospel truth needed for redemption. Purity of heart—purity of life—is impossible apart from the truth found in God’s Word. We must lay aside the foolish schemes of the world, the false promises of fulfillment in anything other than God. We must zealously guard our life according to what God has spoken. We would do well to follow the example of the psalmist and seek God, not human wisdom, for the path to purity.

How are you guarding your life? How is the standard of your morality and conduct aligned with the truth of God’s revelation?

Our great God, you are the source of truth and wisdom. You provide the only path to purity. May we ever trust in your Word and guard our lives with its truth.

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