The Promises of God

“Confirm to your servant your promise,
that you may be feared.” Psalm 119.38

What a joy to consider the promises of God! The writer here expresses his dependence on God to confirm these promises to him. He longs to be firmly established in the truth of God, in his eternal promises.

Consider the promise made by God in Genesis 3.15: That the Serpent, though bruising the heel would have his head crushed by the seed of the woman, a promised accomplished through Christ’s death on the cross, a promise that will be fully realized when the ancient foe is cast for eternity into eternal damnation.

Think on the promise made by God to Abraham in Genesis 12.1-3: That through Abraham’s seed the whole earth would receive blessing, a promise that you and I rejoice in, knowing that we have been adopted as sons into the family of God through Christ.

Also, remember the promise made by God to David in 2 Samuel 7: That God would establish an eternal kingdom through the line of David, a promise fulfilled in Christ, our eternal King.

When we think on these amazing promises, and God’s absolute faithfulness to them throughout the centuries, we cannot help but stand in awe of the great God of the universe. We tremble in worship of our Lord!

How do God’s promises stir up your reverence for him? How often do you consider the faithfulness of God to keep his covenants? In what ways does your study of Scripture, particularly of God’s mighty works in the Old Testament, affect your worship?

Lord, you are faithful and true. Establish us in your promise. Teach us, O Father, a holy fear, a righteous trembling, a reverential awe. May your great name be exalted in our worship. Amen.

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