To All Generations

“Your faithfulness endures to all generations;
you have established the earth, and it stands fast.” Psalm 119.90

As the psalmist continues to extol the reliability of God’s word, he continues to direct his thoughts to the reliability of Scripture’s author. It is God’s faithfulness that gives him hope in the faithfulness of God’s word and promises.

Here, he points out the faithfulness of God in noting that the earth is established by God. Creation—the fact that God made and upholds the earth—points to the faithfulness of God. That faithfulness, that reliability, gives the psalmist comfort in God’s word.

Dwell on this truth for a minute. Consider the fact that the sun rose this morning, just as it has every day for your entire life, for centuries, for millennia. That is true, because God created the heavens and earth. He upholds them by the strength of his hand. He is more reliable than the sunrise, for he is the one who directs the sunrise. That reliability extends to his revelation. We can trust his word, because we can trust him.

Are you trusting in the Lord and his revealed truth? In what ways do your thoughts, words, and actions demonstrate a lack of faith in God and his Word? How often do you take time to simply praise God for his perfect faithfulness?

Heavenly Lord, you are faithful and true. May we ever trust in you. You have established the world and all it contains. Your faithfulness is on display all around us. May we ever live in praise of you, our great and unchanging God. Amen.

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