Trusting God for Justice

“Let the insolent be put to shame,
because they have wronged me with falsehood;
as for me, I will meditate on your precepts.” Psalm 119.78

Earlier in this stanza, the author sees the faithfulness and righteousness of God at work in his affliction (75). In this verse, the psalmist, knowing that God is the ultimate source of his trials, prays to God regarding the human instruments of those trials. He calls to God for justice, to deal with those who slander and wrong him.

Notice the extent of his trust in God to answer his prayer. Because he has prayed to God for justice, and because he trusts in God for that justice, he is devoted to God and his word. He is not seeking a human solution to the problem. There is no vow to strike against his enemies, to seek to enact justice on God’s behalf. Rather, the poet is devoted to God, trusting in God and his promises. Again, he knows that God is righteous, therefore he trusts in God.

The psalmist has learned to do this as he has seen the faithfulness of God in his word. He knows God, his righteous character, his covenant faithfulness—he knows all this through devotion to Scripture. So, when he faces trial, he remains devoted to the precepts of God.

When you face trials and affliction, when people falsely accuse you of wrong, do you seek the Lord and trust in him for justice? Or do you seek to bring about your own vindication? How do you turn to the word of God in trial—for wisdom, guidance, and comfort?

Lord, we recognize your grace and faithfulness in bringing trials into our lives. Help us, heavenly Father, to trust in you for justice. Teach us to find comfort and guidance in your holy word. Cause our devotion to grow—that our lives might be to your praise. Amen.

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