Urgent Meditation

“My eyes awake before the watches of the night,
that I may meditate on your promise.” Psalm 119.148

In the previous verse, the psalmist spoke of his urgent prayers, rising early in the morning to cry out unto the Lord (147). Here, he expands on his urgent display of devotion. He rises early to pray and to meditate on the Word of God, to think on the promises of God.

His language of how early becomes even more specific, more urgent. He rises early before the night watch. Before the morning guard sounds the hour of waking, he’s already awake. He’s up early, seeking the Lord and meditating on the truths of Scripture.

These two verses give us a great example of urgent devotion. We should rise early to pray and to seek God in his Word. More than we long for food to break our night’s fast, we should long for spiritual food each morning. We should long to commune with God. 

How urgent is your time in devotion—your time in prayer and study of Scripture? Think of your morning routine. Where is God, prayer, scriptural meditation in that routine? Are you eager for the Word of God?

Our Father in heaven, awaken us from our sloth and slumber. Give us a greater desire for you and the truth of your Word. Cause us to rise early Lord, yearning for communion with you. Amen.

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