Weekly Roundup – February 9

Why You Desperately Need The Holy Spirit

“When is the last time you begged God for help? Whether it is understanding Scripture, or applying it to your life. Or whether it is a desire to kill a particular sin, or asking Him for an open door to share the Gospel, how often do you spend a little time begging Him for help? I mean, are we able to do anything spiritual apart from the Holy Spirit’s help?….”

My Son, Withhold Judgment

“As I look at this ever-changing world, here’s a thought tucked away for my young boys to be delivered when they’re ready: One of the worst things you can do is drag your feet in doing right. If you see your sister being attacked, act. If you observe an old lady in a dangerous situation, engage. If grievous sin rears its ugly head in your life or in the lives of those you love, confront it directly with love and truth. But there is another truth to keep in your pocket along with the first. That is the need to withhold judgment in many cases….”

6 Misconceptions About The New Testament

Brief, accurate and helpful!

Hudson Taylor’s Unwavering Obedience Despite Peril

“Hudson Taylor was twenty-one years old when he first sailed as a missionary to China. His mother Amelia came to see him off at the dock at Liverpool, England, on Monday, September 19, 1853. Neither mother nor son were at all sure they would see each other again in this life….”


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