Weekly Roundup – Friday May 11

Are You A Healthy Church Member?

“When we talk about being members of a church, we’re not at all borrowing from the idea of membership in a rotary club, Sam’s Club, or bridge club. We’re actually using a term that’s distinctively Christian or Christological. It comes from the image that Paul uses of the church being the body of Christ, and we are members of that body. A healthy church member treasures that biblical reality…..”

Being And Becoming

“Begun in an instant, the normal Christian life is a journey of sanctification in which God’s grace conforms us more and more to the image of His beloved Son. Making sense of this voyage and our sanctification in it, however, requires the spectacles of Holy Scripture…..”

God’s Metrics

“God’s metrics are not our metrics. The way in which we seek to measure fruitfulness and faithfulness is often quite skewed. No one understood the issue of faithfulness and fruitfulness so well as the great Apostle Paul. In 1 Corinthians 3, he first explained the nature of a fruitful Gospel ministry by drawing off of the farming metaphor….”

Deliverance Is Near!

“Have you woken up this morning in fear, alarmed or anxious? Have dire straits hemmed you in or do you wonder if you’re safe? Are the pressures so enormous that you struggle to go on? Are you slandered or maligned when you believe you’re in the right?….”


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