Weekly Roundup – March 30

The Resurrection Comfort Of Easter

“Every year at Easter, we, in one accord with the saints throughout the ages, declare, “He is risen indeed!”—the wondrous truth that two-thousand years ago, a Jewish man was dead for three days before He paced out of the tomb. Though the phrase He is risen! is recited annually in most Bible-believing churches in America, I suspect that many Christians find it difficult to articulate the abiding significance of the resurrection of Christ, particularly on a personal level. That is, they find it difficult to answer the question, What does the resurrection mean for me?….”

What Do You Do When Scripture Feels Dry Or Lifeless?

“This is not so much an answer to the riddle of the spiritual dryness and five steps out; it is simply to say that the Lord is closer than we think. He is so close that he is revealing his very heart….”

The Gospel From Womb To Tomb

“Every age and stage of life has its own special trials and temptations. The young are called to flee youthful lusts (2 Tim. 2:22). The middle-aged are warned about the choking cares of this life (Mark 4:19). Even seniors have their own age-specific temptations…..”

Trials, Our Blessing Chauffeurs

“We don’t often think of trials as our servants. But surprisingly, they drive us from our insufficiency to God’s all-sufficency. Like a spiritual uber driver, they chauffeur us to God’s blessings…..”


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