Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – July 7

The Missing Link Between Bible And Prayer

Helpful little video!

“The Bible is not a magic book. Too many Christians seem to treat their devotional times as a superstitious incantation. “If I just read the words in this book for twenty minutes a day, my faith will flourish, I’ll love my family more, and I’ll find more happiness in God’s plans for my life.” Discouragement will always follow this shallow view of Bible reading. Instead of walking away from our devotions with biblical fire in our bones and humble adoration of God in our hearts, we walk away cold and languid, barely even remembering what book of the Bible we picked up. Why is this?….”

What It Means To Make Disciples

Pretty important to know since disciple making is the mission of the Church.

“Biblically, to be a disciple is to make disciples. But if you were to ask Christians today what it means to make disciples, you’d probably get jumbled thoughts, ambiguous answers, likely even some blank stares. This is a problem. If we’re going to know how to do anything as Christians, we need to know how to make disciples. So what does it mean to make disciples? Here’s my best attempt to sum up disciple-making based on Matthew 28:19. There are four things we do….”

If I Have Enough Faith Will God Heal Me?

Clarity in the fog!

“Let me be clear: God can and sometimes does heal presently, and we should celebrate His mercy. I have often prayed for healing and sometimes witnessed it. But ultimately, all healing in this world is temporary, since people’s bodies inevitably deteriorate and die. Resurrection healing will be permanent. For that our hearts should overflow with praise to our gracious God….”

Six Things You Need To Know About God’s Wrath

A good read in light of the preaching text this week.

“As peace is a truth widely loved, wrath is a truth widely loathed. Many in the history of the church has been embarrassed by God’s wrath and have wanted to revise this biblical truth. Yet, this theme of the wrath (or anger) of God toward sin and sinners is clearly and widely taught in the Bible. This truth is so interwoven with the hope of our peace with one another and with God that if we lose our grasp on the one, we lose our hope of the other….”


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