Weekly Roundup For Your Weekend Reading – October 13

God Is Not Ashamed Of You

“Christian, God is not ashamed of you. You may very well be ashamed of you. God isn’t….”

8 Questions To Help You Understand And Apply The Bible

“As believers we know that reading Scripture is essential to following Jesus. But if we’re honest, we often find it difficult to understand and apply. The Bible talks about so many different things; how do we know what to focus on? It’s set in a world very different from ours; how do we apply it to our lives today?….”

What Is The Age Of Accountability?

Another helpful video!

Melting The Hardening Heart

“The life of the Christian is a life that ebbs and flows in our love for God. We may not always want to admit that–but in our heart of hearts, we know it to be true. Sometimes our love for God grows cold. Oftentimes that coldness comes from what I would call “hardening providences.” Difficulties, frustrations, sicknesses, and other such providences in our lives can cause us to slowly harden in our heart of hearts. Our love for Christ can grow cold under the many pressures and difficulties of life in a fallen world. What should the Christian do when he or she finds him or herself in such a position?…”


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