Wonder and Devotion

“Your testimonies are wonderful;
therefore my soul keeps them.” Psalm 119.129

The current verse marks the opening of a new stanza in this epic psalm. This section contains pure exaltation, perhaps the height of praise in the poem. That begins with this opening verse, where the poet sings of his wonder at the testimonies of the Lord.

This wonder drives the psalmist to confess his allegiance to the word of God—to the depths of his very soul. He doesn’t just want to keep them with his hands. This isn’t behavior modification. His devotion is not limited to a mere mental ascent to the truth. He keeps God’s word with full and complete faith, for he sees the wonderful nature of the testimonies of God.

For believers, the word of God is more than just a collection of tales and legends, more than just fascinating stories about miracles and providence. We have, in God’s inspired word, a revelation of who God is, what he is like, his marvelous plans for his creation. Our response ought to be wonder and devotion—to the depths of our souls.

When is the last time you devoted time to sitting in wonder of God? How often do you meditate on the majesty of God, his work throughout history, and his work in your life? In what ways do these meditations drive your devotion?

Wonderful, merciful Savior, what a joy to consider your majesty. Teach us Lord to sit in wonder, to tremble at the thought of you. May our wonder renew and deepen our devotion. Amen.

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